Believe in yourself

You are right. Whatever you believe to be true, is correct. It is true for you.
Your knowledge of the facts is based in your reality, your experiences, and those are the only truths you can be sure of. Yes, they are a minute sampling of the truth of the world, but they are real. Anything anyone tells you about something you have not seen first hand is a clue, but only a clue, a hint, of what may be true.

Yeh, ok, I’ve had a drink or three tonight.. but they have only relieved me of the burden of believing everything I hear, or read, or see on TV. This is probably temporary. Tomorrow I will wake again and believe I need to do more, be better, smarter, learn more, do things differently. For now, I am not sure that that is so.

Don’t get me wrong, I am positive, and happy. I have a wonderful family, and a great job, but I strive for more. always more. Don’t let your dreams, your aspirations detract from that that is true today. Appreciate and enjoy what you have, for each moment that passes is done and gone, never to return.

Build you product, your service, and make it good. Release when you believe it is ready. Listen to others, gather knowledge. But don’t hold any of it as gospel. You know what you know to be true, the rest your need to test, experience, and verify. Release early, release often, but only when you know it is good.

Others we see as successful, we try to emulate, to use their methods of success to achieve it ourselves. Most often they didn’t copy anyone else, not exactly. They adapted to their circumstance, their situation, and took the best course of action, as they saw it. Most often it took them many tries to get it right. Lots of mistakes, lots of learning.

Be true to yourself, and the only regrets you will have is that you didn’t collect enough first hand experience, enough true knowledge. You can’t get it all, so that’s ok. We learn from our mistakes and that is the only way we truly learn anything real. That we can know is true.

Every situation is different. Every situation, every challenge, must be judged independently of every other. Never assume there is one true way. Think for yourself, judge for yourself, and do what you believe is best.

No criticism, no judgement, we’re all on a path of learning, an improvement, and we can all get better, learn more, and eventually succeed.

Set your goal, and go for it. Tell yourself you aren’t going to stop until you reach that goal, no matter what. The only real rule, to prevent regret, is do no harm. Encourage others, and help them whenever you can, then continue on your mission.


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